According to the restrictions set out in the Coronavirus Act, a car journey made by a pet owner to the grooming salon is not considered essential, and is not permissible. However, it is permissible for businesses to travel as part of their work and so mobile groomers may operate, as can salons when they can collect dogs from individual households to take back to the salon. This is as per the DEFRA-approved guidelines established by the Canine and Feline Sector Group earlier in April.

A client may also walk their dog to be groomed as part of the client’s daily exercise.  Once the dog has been groomed either the dog may be walked home or the groomer may return the dog.  Only one dog may be groomed at a time and the premises disinfected in between.

The most important factor to bear in mind is that it is your choice as to whether you open your salon and continue offering any service to your clients at this time. If you do decide to open, you must ensure you can adopt all the social distancing and hygiene protocols to keep you, your families and your customers safe. 

Hygiene & Social Distancing Protocols

The hygiene and social distancing protocols which must be adopted are set out in the Canine & Feline Sector Group infographic for dog walkers (many of these can be adopted by dog groomers too). Further information is available for pet businesses on the CFSG website.

In addition, dog grooming businesses should adopt the following protocols:

- Owners should retain all equipment such as leads
- The grooming facility must be thoroughly disinfected between pets.
- Groomers may only collect dogs if they can disinfect their vehicle between collections and then only pets from one household should be collected at one time.
- Only one dog may be groomed at a time and the dog should have left the premises, with disinfection of the premises occurring, before the next one is allowed to enter.
- In all cases payment should be made by card or BACS.
- It is possible that the coronavirus can sit on a pet's coat, so disposable gloves and masks should be worn for the initial intake and handling of pets prior to bathing. Bath pets thoroughly prior to any grooming procedure.

All customers should be made aware of these procedures.

The Groomers Spotlight has also developed some additional procedures for pet groomers on how they can operate safely during this time. Please download their document.

There is also guidance from the government on disinfecting non-healthcare settings.


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